Monday, 11 September 2017

Fighting Back

We're tired of being victims of inconsiderate, stupid and dangerous behavior on the canals and we are fighting back by issuing virtual stickers to the offenders, the stickers contain a single, short word, let's just call them C-stickers. It makes us feel better and saves us from being throttled with a boat hook which might be invoked by real direct action.

Since our last post we went from Grindley Brook to Wrenbury on Saturday, Wrenbury is a nice place, we had a pint in The Cotton Arms, I can't really moan about the beer because they did have one real bitter hidden amongst the blondes, ambers and IPAs, a bit steep at £3.50 though, but not as steep as £4.27 for a pack of butter that we didn't buy from the village shop. Still, it was a nice pub, food looked good, dogs welcome. We didn't try the other pub, in fact we issued it a C-sticker (or maybe a twee sticker) for calling itself The Dusty Miller. The best, and most abundant moorings are to the east of the lift bridge, there are a few the other side but they are close to a small, but surprisingly busy road.

On Sunday we headed for Church Minshull, to a place that I had marked in the book as being "excellent moorings close to pub", quickly passing the place that Elaine had marked as "scruffy". We met two American couples who had hired a very large boat per couple, I  think they thought it was a junior suite, they hadn't got much of a clue and when I asked why the first boat had tied up after going through the lock I was told that they were waiting for the second boat, I told them that it doesn't work like that and they should carry on to the next lock which was in sight, I issued them a C-Stickers each, they'll probably put it on their very large fridge. The place I'd marked in the book didn't look worthy of the notation, so I thought it must be further on, it wasn't and the only suitable mooring was occupied by two fishermen, they got a C-Sticker each. We found a nice quiet mooring in the end, a bit of a walk away from the Badger Inn where I'd promised to take Millie, we went anyway, but it's a dangerous walk along a busy road with no path, it was worth it though with a nice pint of Old Dog for £3.20. I got chatting to some locals who told me of a path, which I took to avoid the road, it would have been extremely convenient if I'd moored at the place marked in the book, It's between bridge 13/14 and very easy to follow if you take the middle of the three marked paths.

Today we took the not so nice journey to Wheelock which passes though urban and industrial areas, flanked by roads and railways with scrubby corridors of greenbelt and some narrow twisting sections, we got a good soaking and handed out double C-Stickers to two boats moored on lock landings. This afternoon we walked the mile and a half into Sandbach, a nice town with loads of pubs and restaurants, it was school getting out time and the kids were remarkably polite, no stickers were dispensed. It's well worth a visit with a very good Aldi, you can catch the bus within a two minute walk from the canal if you don't fancy the walk.


Wind-up merchants

Audacious one upmanship/boat

Two 99's please

Wrenbury Mill and a dejected Elaine about to stop the traffic

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