Friday, 22 September 2017

Weir in Trouble

Yesterday we got the soaking that we deserved for leaving when we knew that there would be heavy rain, but we were on 24 hour moorings so we had to get going and once you're wet you may as well carry on. This section is fine but there are not many decent moorings, Cookley is bypassed by a tunnel and Wolverley has a busy road close by, but it's not too bad if you go past bridge 20. You will then encounter a very narrow section with rocky sides that could do serious damage to your paintwork, high on the sides, especially if you are travelling north, so be very careful.

Kidderminster has excellent mooring for shopping, good for carrying cases of beer and wine or other heavy items, I don't think I'd feel quite safe staying overnight, even though I am sure that many do without incident. There is a very rural section between bridges 9 and 10 with plenty of Armco, whether it's deep enough to moor I can't say. We moored at the Bird In Hand pub, fairly quiet, I had a pint but even the dog didn't like it in there, much better options a few minutes down the tow path, but the moorings were fine, try to go just south of the pub to avoid some noise. A lidl at bridge 7 and a very good town centre, there are moorings between bridge 5 and the lock, but could be a bit noisy. There are only two visitor moorings in the basin, and the only water point since Kinver.

We set off this morning very slowly waiting for the first lock behind a queue of hire boats returning to the basin, then a wait at the water point, and then another wait at the double staircase locks that have a crazy angle to get from one to the other, then onto the mighty River Severn. Everything was going so well until we got to Bevere Lock which was having some work done on the gates and there were several work boats just before the lock, two boats were on the landing and our plan was to breast up to the one at the end, but his plan was to move forward to make room for me, it was too late to change course and I was left several feet from the bank with the current and the wind pushing me toward the weir. After a few attempts to correct things we decided to let nature prevail and we tied up to the boom that stops idiots from going over the weir, I exchanged C-stickers with the bloke who moved his boat up. Another boat turned up and had the same problem, but he had nowhere to go so he was spun right round and had to go upstream and turn round, it all sorted itself out in the end, Elaine popped up from below decks with her life jacket on for the last few miles.

We are now moored on the river at the racecourse moorings, £4 per night payable at the machine in the car park opposite, we had a good walk around the beautiful medieval town, reminds us a lot of Shrewsbury, no photo's of Worcester though due to battery problems.


River Severn

Nice Cottage

Severn Lock

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