Thursday, 14 September 2017

Now Paul has issued a C-Sticker to Neil Morrissey

We jumped out of bed and set off from Wheelock to do the section to Church Lawton, it's only four miles but twenty locks get in the way, it is glorious all the way, even the urban bits are pleasant, although it's mainly  rural. We passed the double-boat Americans who must be getting on well because they have covered quite a distance and we spoke to dozens of other boaters as we helped each other at the locks. It took us four hours, pretty good going, and we found a muddy spot to moor at Church Lawton. On Tuesday we set off for the not so pleasant journey through the Harecastle Tunnel and on through Stoke, we got soaked in several very heavy showers, after seven hours, twelve locks and twelve miles we found a nice mooring outside the Plume of Feathers pub in Barlaston (a lot of train noise), Millie and I went in for a couple of pints, it is owned by Neil Morrissey who has made it a shrine to himself, but this didn't stop them having a good selection of beer, Pedigree was £3.50. I did have to give Neil Morrissey a C-Sticker though, as well as calling the pub "The Plume of Feathers - with Neil Morrissey", that's alright for things like hiking boots with Goretex but it makes no sense for a pub with an actor. Not only this but he had written a glowing third person account of his career and stuck it up on the wall, I don't know why people write about themselves in the third person, a bit like "now mummy's going to brush your hair".

Today we stayed dry all day, and continued through the Meaford Locks, very nice flight, and then stopped at Stone for a bit of shopping. It seems an affluent sort of place, good range of facilties, nice mooring right in the centre of town, close enough to carry a case of beer, but we didn't. After a quick sandwich on Melissa we set off for the short journey to our mooring for the night at Burston, it's very rural here, but a fellow boater recommended a dog friendly pub a short walk away and Millie wants to go.

We had to hand out two C-stickers today at the same lock, one to a bloke who, without the customary formalities, opened all the lock paddles as fast as possible sending Melissa bouncing around the lock, and one was shared by a couple who were too impatient to wait for us to clear two locks with no pound between them , then found themselves with nowhere to wait for the second lock, which had the paddle happy geezer in it. We left them bobbing around in the wind twatishly.

A short journey to Great Haywood tomorrow and we are booked into a marina for a couple of nights to get a bit of rest and do some chores while we have water and power supplied, everything is getting pretty dirty.

Neil Morrissey won't be happy

Their feet are quite dirty

Plume of Feathers - last pub in both directions with  Neil Morrissey

Fruit and Veg shop in Stone


Wheelock Flight
When is it pub time?


  1. Do you show your ID when delivering C Stickers or is it a Stick and Run type of event

  2. Stick and run knowing you pair. Elaine you sound just like Paul on the blog.

    1. It was Paul talking in the third person, get it?