Friday, 8 September 2017

Mere today gone tomorrow

First a few words in support of Ellesmere, it does a lot for boaters and recognises the impact that the canal has on the local economy,  you will find everyone very welcoming with traders going out of their way to cater for boaters. There are many shops, restaurants and takeaways, banks, launderette, marina with chandlery and a very large Tesco right alongside the canal. There are some moorings online west of the short Ellesmere branch, which itself has quite a few moorings very close to Tesco but with a bit of an awkward turn at the end. East of the branch there is an abundance of moorings, still with a very short walk to town. So come to Ellesmere, stop a couple of days and catch the bus to Shrewsbury, Oswestry, or to Gobowen train station which is just a couple of miles away, or take a busman's holiday and hire a rowing boat on the mere.

Today we left Ellesmere in mixed weather conditions, and made good progress toward Whitchurch until we came across some idiot hire boaters who were old enough to know better, they seemed to find it difficult to understand that a lift bridge has been lifting high enough to let boats through for a couple of hundred years, they lifted it a bit and then crashed into it, they were very slow. We next saw them after we had moored up and while walking the dog, one barefoot moron was looking gormlessly at a lock while his companions started letting water out of a lock that needed filling, I told him they were opening the wrong paddles because he needed to fill the lock not empty it, he grunted. We saw him again half an hour later wading along the muddy towpath, still barefoot. There was quite a bit of dog shit on that path, so it's not all bad.

It turned out to be a very sunny afternoon and we are moored just before the Grindley Brook services, which are excellent. We covered 13 miles, no locks and were out for 4.5 hours.

Ellesmere Town 

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