Sunday, 24 September 2017

Back to where it all started

We had a very noisy night at the race course moorings, a constant stream of intoxicated people wandered by all night shouting, screaming and whistling and sitting on the bench above the moorings talking loudly, this went on until 5am, nobody approached the boat. Next time, we'll stay of the visitor moorings on the river.

Having turned to moor upstream on the river, in accordance with best practice, on Friday we  had to turn around to get going on Saturday, but to access the Birmingham and Worcester Canal you have to go past the lock and turn again, so it was a bit of a caper. The two locks from the river to the canal are very large with heavy gates. After that it was on through Worcester, which doesn't give a good account of itself from the canal, there are loads of moorings about which couldn't be any worse than the race course. Then on through the Offerton flight of six locks, which are very nice but there's a lot of noise from the M5. We went past good moorings at Tibberton south of bridge 25 and then we moored up at Hanbury Wharf, where three years ago, almost to the day, Melissa was launched and the adventure began. It's nice here, with a sunny aspect and a pub that we rejected due to hand written notices informing potential customers with dogs and muddy that they were not welcome. There's nothing around here so they must rely on people driving here in carpet slippers. Today we'll walk a couple of miles into Droitwich for a few supplies.

We had a very loose alternator belt which needed tightening the manual said "loosen all appropriate bolts and move the alternator with an appropriate bar to tighten", not very helpful. As always You Tube came to the rescue in the form of a guy in the Caribbean who had the same engine on his yacht and knew which of the numerous bolts to loosen, the type of bar to use and where to lever it safely.

Leaving the Severn

Locking into the Birmingham and Worcester Canal

Diglis Basin


Hanbury Wharf

Please fuck off thank you

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