Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Making Up For Lost Time

We were off at seven this morning got a bit of a soaking and arrived at Braunston tunnel to be told that we had to wait because a fat git was coming through, that's a wide beam canal boat which can range from anything from 8' to 14' 6", most tunnels allow two 7' beam boats to pass safely, so if a wide bean needs passage then everyone else has to wait.

After that we shared the six wide locks with a charming octogenarian couple and then turned onto the North Oxford Canal, whizzed through the 3 side-by-side locks at Hilmorton and then spent a few hours cruising to our spot for the night just outside Ansty between the M69, M6 and the midland main railway line; it's better than it sounds. In ten hours we traveled 23 miles, so we've made up some time from yesterday but we're still behind plan.

The North oxford is a pleasant canal, but with very few viable moorings past rugby, Newbold-on Avon are fine, but there are boats on the visitor moorings that look as though they've been there for years, and we've never been able to get a spot, moorings at Stretton are few and very close to the railway line, and there's not a lot else until you get to Bridge 16, which is where we are tonight. Millie is disgusted that there is no pub tonight, again, there is probably one close by but the tow path is very muddy and I don't like getting my shoes dirty.

Another long day tomorrow, and we should be back on track.

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