Thursday, 28 July 2016

Wrong Turns

On our last day we set off early, as we passed a hire boat the skipper asked me how long it would take him to get to Warwick, I told him at least one long day, maybe more, thanks mate he said, in the parlance of the kids who work in our local co-op. An hour later he pulled up alongside us at the first double lock in Braunston, I asked him why he had changed his plan, he said he hadn't, "but you're heading to Leicester", "no I'm not|", |"yes you are, you should have turned right", "no, the book said to turn left", "yes, but the book is written assuming you're heading north, you were heading south", "shit!" Poor bloke had to go through 6 locks and a long tunnel before he could turn around and do it all again, he would have arrived back at his starting point about three hours later.

We arrived back at Crick Marina on Tuesday afternoon, we had been out for 28 nights, stopped at 26 different locations, traveled 330 miles and passed through 217 locks, it was a very good trip, and we've learned a lot about several canals, some we will visit again, others we will avoid, we will stay at the marina until Friday before returning back to Shropshire, no more boating until October.

Early Morning on the Last Day

He Should Have Turned Right

Lasso, cowboy Mick Style

The Last Turn of the Trip

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