Sunday, 24 July 2016

Last minute dot com

On Friday evening we hastily arranged for our friends Jane & Andy to meet us at Fradley junction to spend the weekend boating with us. These are Motorhome people, Andy wanted to level the boat up every time we moored, thought we should collect all the waste water in a tank and empty it in a grid over the canal and wander off in the morning with a towel under his arm for a shower in a nice block in the corner of a field. They were amazed that we were not at all concerned about our maximum technically permitted laden mass and that shore power was not available at every mooring, I stopped him leaving £20 for a nights mooring at Polesworth. We traveled 16 miles with 2 locks.

The Coventry Canal is excellent, fairly wide and deep, and yesterday very quiet, the rural sections are as beautiful while the urban sections are industrial and very unattractive, we stopped briefly at Fazely Junction; but not briefly enough, before carrying on and spending the night at Polesworth, not many dining options, pubs not very attractive except the Bulls Head right on the canal, no food but good beer and very traditional. We ordered far too much Chinese takeaway, this would have pushed us over the weight limit if we were in a Motorhome, strange that the remnants, which we left bagged up on the roof overnight, weighed more than the original meal.

Today we did the 11 Atherstone locks, taking advantage of our extra crew, it was a bit slow with most boats heading in the same direction. These are generous people who brought much and consumed little, they quickly declined Elaine's treacherous offer to take home the left over beer, unable to find a mooring in Atherstone for a dignified goodbye we chucked Jane off at a bridgehole, she toddled down the tow path to find Andy, laden with all their stuff in an Aldi bag; we know how to show friends a good time.

They spent some time looking for seat belts for the travelling seats

Millie Training Andy

Jane in Action

Posing, Gates are Open and Paddles Down!

Jane at Rest

Chinese Junk?

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