Wednesday, 6 July 2016

In the pink at Penkridge

We were off at 7:15 again today, a quick left turn onto the Staffs and Worcs, on past a long line of moored boats and then a ten mile trip to Penkridge, only six narrow locks all uphill to continue the ascent that we've been on since Sunday. Much better weather today, very quiet on this very quiet and mainly rural canal. We couldn't get on the very popular moorings near the village, but instead found a very sunny and quiet spot just a short walk away. Penkridge is an excellent large village, pubs galore, butchers, baker, all sorts of other shops and a very large Co-Op, pretty much everything you could wish for and all in a picturesque setting. We like Penkridge.

On this lark you have to think about water, toilet waste and rubbish. Diesel and gas (used only for cooking) are minor concerns, we've used a quarter of a tank of diesel since we left nine days ago, and a cylinder of gas would last two months if we were on the boat every day, we carry two. We carry enough water to last six days, but we usually fill up when we are half empty due to the water point not always being where the book says it is (like today), the water point being broken, in use or some twat moored up at it. The toilet lasts for about two weeks for two people, it can be emptied in most boatyards for between £10-£15. We have an emergency toilet which can be emptied in a normal toilet if required. There are frequent rubbish points provided by the CRT.

The batteries last us for about 2 days without starting the engine and fully recharges in 2 hours from 80% of capacity, high power devices such as washing machine, hair dryer, curling tongues can only be used when on a marina's shore power or when moving, we can use a maximum of 3kW of power at any time.

There are three ways to heat water, immersion heater when using shore power, via the engine when cruising, via central heating, we generally use the engine's calorifier, so no showers until the afternoon. There is a canal version of the AA, they have a very good reputation and there are many boatyards that will get you going as well.

We have a domestic fridge with a large freezer compartment and carry quite a bit of emergency dried, canned and bottled food which could us going for at least a week. I'm not entirely sure why I felt the need to say all that, but now you know.

Tea Room in Great Hayward

Bag Lady

Onto the Staffs & Worcs

Very wide part

Typical Scenery


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