Thursday, 7 July 2016

Golden Ale, Honest Sale, Sorry Tale

I frequently fail, but not normally when it comes to going into a pub and ordering beer. Penkridge has several pubs, the first I tried had only one real ale and it was a golden ale, I don't drink golden ale. the next had four ales on tap, all golden. What is the point of having a selection of ales that are all basically the same? I told the bar human ( I assume that is the politically correct term) that I wouldn't bother and I'd try and find a place that sold beer. The final place may have sold very nice beer but I didn't stick around to find out because it had more TVs on max volume than the previous place had golden ales; I gave up.

I forgot to mention yesterday that there was a market in Penkridge selling the normal stuff, a bloke selling meat from a lorry, CK underpants three pairs for two quid, and other assorted tat. The one interesting thing was a stall selling birthday cards that had a new marketing strategy, a sort of hybrid of "free from" and "fair trade". You know, gluten free, dairy free, suitable for people with self diagnosed allergies, that sort of thing, and fair trade where you get ripped off as well as the farmer. Anyway, this guy had a sign declaring that his cards were "not stolen", so they were good and wholesome with no one disadvantaged in the procurement process, and also mildly intimating that all the other stalls had nicked their stuff. This could be the next big thing, food outlets could declare themselves not poisonous, Chinese restaurants "not cat meat", opera productions "not boring", Catholic churches not .....

Today was a mixed one of mixed fortunes, we continued on the Staffs and Worcs for  a few miles, it continued to please, there was a long and scary narrow section with room for only one boat and later a sharp right turn onto the Shropshire Union. The Shroppie has disappointed so far with its long, dark cuttings and boggy footpaths. We planned to moor at Brewood, but the moorings were horrible, ditto Wheaton Aston. It was a long day, 8 hours, 6 locks and 19 miles. We are moored alone in the wilds, miles from anywhere, no pubs selling a range of golden ales. The plan tomorrow is to get to Market Drayton, we'll see how it works out.

Not many photo's today due to very poor internet signal, I'll add more tomorrow.

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