Saturday, 11 July 2015

A weekend of leisure

Paul here using Elaine's Log in due to technical difficulties.

We set off on our month long trip last Sunday afternoon, I had to collect senior teenager George from the school ball at 1am Sunday morning, he walked in a fairly straight line to the car but then sat in the back seat, I assessed his level of intoxication as light to moderate. He has now left school and has a part-time job in a local restaurant before going to University in September.

So far we have travelled 55 miles and through 39 locks, this took four and a half days. We've been lazy since Thursday night and stayed moored at Thrupp, great place, nice pub, good moorings and on the bus route to Oxford.

Our journey took us on familiar territory south on the Grand Union canal and onto the Oxford canal to Cropredy where we stayed for a couple of nights earlier in the year, you can read my glowing report here

We have junior teenager, Laurie (16 year old male), with us, he's taken to it rather well and is now fully competent at locking, not persuaded him to get on the tiller yet.

We stopped at Banbury, for a couple of hours nice place, good moorings but not enough to make us want to stay the night.

After Banbury the countryside is really fantastic, we are very impressed with this part of the canal. We will move on Monday morning and get onto the Thames heading towards London.

We walked about 7 miles into Oxford yesterday, caught the bus back, Oxford is worse than Leicester, at least until bridge 242, there are moorings but very overgrown, we would not want to stay there. We walked past scores of residential boats, most of which were in very poor order and with miscellaneous junk scattered on the towpath it made for a sorry sight.

Today I was forced to partake in manly activities, changing the oil, Elaine did most of the dirty work.

Laurie helps Millie finish her puzzle

Wash woolens separately

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We may put our picture on the side of our house

We got a wave from them .....

How much is that doggy in the window?


Fallen tree hazard

Cold drinks £1, Laurie had two

Overgrown Oxford visitor moorings

Although this is man's work, I felt more comfortable with my apron on...

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