Saturday, 2 May 2015

Holiday fever

I didn't go on holiday much as a kid. Every other year or so we'd have a week on the Norfolk coast in a caravan or chalet. There was always that excitement very similar to Christmas morning in anticipation of a week of new adventures.

Even ordinary things were exciting because we only did these things on holiday. Mum always packed cold toast for the car journey, limp and soggy it tasted good because it was holiday toast. I waved at people on the motorway because we never drove on the motorway at any other time. I'd spend at least half the journey staring hard into the distance wanting to be the first to spot the sea. It was a week of freedom, adventures and treats.

Coming to Melissa stirs up very similar feelings to my childhood holidays. Waking up early this morning in anticipation of switching into another world and different pace.

Crew Selfie

We arrived at Crick just before lunch. I'd barely had time to put the kettle on as Paul started making preparations to cast off. I'm sure he must have always been first to spot the sea as a kid too.

A visit from the lambs

It was a pleasant afternoon for cruising. Not very busy on the canal, just taking time to slow down and enjoy the golden rape fields and the rapidly growing lambs. 

Golden rape, smells as good as it looks

We passed under the A14, our weekend already started as everyone else on a mission to kick off their own weekend.

Busy A14

 We moored up right by bridge 40 on the Grand Union, where there is a great footpath that takes you into Welford one way or North Kilworth in the other direction. 

Not sure why this picture looks like an oil painting

As Millie refused to get back onboard until she had a walk, we headed to Welford encountering more baby lambs along the way.

Very tame lamb

As we got back to Melissa, there was just enough sun left to enjoy a glass of wine outside while the Shepherds Pie cooked in the oven and enjoy a relaxing evening ahead.

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