Sunday, 8 March 2015

Getting back to crew fitness

I've realized that I need to get back into crew fitness shape as ten minutes sitting down in front of the fire last night was enough to send me off to dreamland. Maybe the 20 miles and  22 locks or the 3 glasses of wine with dinner had something to do with it.

With rain forecast for this afternoon, we gave everyone on the cut an early morning wake up by setting off at  7am. I think most boaters were up and about as the smell of bacon wafted through the air as Millie and I took a walk down the towpath.

Millie becomes a little anxious if we get too far ahead of the boat but then again she has to have her daily dose of neurosis.

Today was a little less demanding at just 11 miles and 8 locks but still 6 hours of cruising. Paul and I stuck to our usual rolls today with him at the tiller while I crewed. Claydon locks were particularly difficult with very stiff paddles and heavy gates.

We arrived at Cropredy just after lunch.  This gave us plenty of time to settle in,  head into the village for a wander around before relaxing for the evening with wine, roast chicken and Crufts on TV.

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