Monday, 27 October 2014

Introducing the Teenagers to the great outdoors

I headed over to Nottingham on Friday to visit my Sister and to celebrate my Dad's 73rd birthday. Before the celebrations commenced, I dragged my Sister and best friend out to Trent Lock in true boating nerd style to introduce them to the joys of the waterways and to get some sunshine and exercise.

They were both a little concerned about how geeky I had become as I turned into tour guide giving a comprehensive commentary pointing out the high points in a boater's life including water point, pump out facilities and rubbish disposal.

We were lucky enough to see a boat heading into the lock which gave me a great opportunity to explain what was happening.

I was a little surprised they didn't tie up in a wide lock, as you can see the water moved the boat all over the lock.

While I was looking in great detail at where the Canal intersects the River Trent, they had headed off in search of the nearest pub.

Sunday was an early start as I met Paul and our boys at Crick Marina. It was the first time the boys had seen Melissa, so we planned an overnight trip to Welford basin and back, a 23 mile round trip with only one lock.

We encountered more boats on this short journey than we did during the week long trip from Hanbury to Crick. Maybe it was due to half term but we saw very few hire boats or children. We also encountered our first prop foul when a sack got wrapped around the propeller. It ended up being a bit of a kerfuffle as we ended up running aground trying to moor up to clear it. It was Paul, myself and the boat pole fighting against the wind and an inoperative boat.

We had great weather for the time of the year but the wind did make it feel much colder. The boys had some time crewing and also being at the tiller.

They enjoyed the finer parts of boating, log fires, great food and the pub. However, with hindsight it may have been better to keep them a little more occupied with locks so they didn't have time to think about what was happening in their usual world.

A special thank you to our friend Jane who came up with the idea of using an exercise step to elevate me higher so I can use the tiller at a comfortable height.

It fits perfectly, is non slip and easy to store. Paul can now enjoy some time sitting at the bow enjoying the sunshine.

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