Friday, 26 September 2014

We're off.

It was an early morning start, first mate Millie was not happy about sharing her car space with various items that kept falling on her.

Once at Hanbury, we had a two hour handover with Robin, before the unloading and unpacking commenced. Our planning and organization paid off. At the height of the unpacking we thought we had too much stuff, but once everything was put away it looks like we have it about right.

We set sail mid afternoon covering 1 mile and 6 locks. Millie became very anxious once we started cruising and successfully managed to jump off the boat in an escape attempt while waiting for a lock.

Tonight we are securely moored up where we had planned to be. We have unpacked, made up the bed and have the dinner in the oven. We even managed to find a pub for a pint.

Millie has also settled down and decided to get a good nights rest before another full day tomorrow.

Tomorrow, thirty something locks. The more you do the easier it gets.

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  1. Glad your first day went well. You look experienced already.