Thursday, 11 September 2014

Top 10 tips for cruising holidays without the weight gain pain.

The one thing everyone talks about with a cruising holiday is the food. It's available 24 hours a day with an abundance of choices in every restaurant. However, it is possible to enjoy cruising  without having any weight gain and spending many weeks long after the holiday tirelessly trying to shed those extra pounds. By making a few smart choices it is possible to avoid the weight gain while still enjoying the wide variety of food available.

1. Don't start off with "good intentions" only to waiver through hunger and temptation. Eat enough at each meal to feel satiated and enjoy what you choose to eat. A fruit plate and a salad will not keep you full for long. Eat a balanced meal without feeling deprived or overindulged.

2. Eat in the dining room for every meal. Your portion sizes will be substantially controlled and you won't be tempted to go back to the buffet for extra food.

3. Bread will be offered at every meal with the addition of pastries in the morning. By cutting out the pre meal bread alone, this will save you 450 calories a day, about the size of a small meal. Over a 2 week period, this one food group alone can add up to almost 2lbs of additional fat. Adding in a pastry at breakfast would also add up to another 2lbs of fat.

4. Avoid fruit juices, this is another calorie dense additional food item that can be substituted for a much lower calorie alternative. Concentrated fruit juice contains a lot of sugar. Stick to the tea, coffee and water and enjoy a fruit plate as part of your breakfast instead.

5. Try the Spa menu for a least one of your meals of the day. You still get 3 courses so you feel full and don't feel cheated in any way while knowing exactly how many calories you have consumed.

6. Be active around the ship, walk around the boat inside and out. Use a fitbit or pedometer and set activity targets for yourself. Little and often works better than all or nothing. A few laps around the promenade deck deck before and after each meal will soon work up and appetite and ward off indigestion. You'll be surprised how quickly the steps add up. Set an intention not to use the lift and leave it for those who really need it.

7. Try the low sugar desserts, they are just as tasty as the regular desserts. You will save a lot of calories without feeling cheated. A fruit plate is another great alternative.

8. Another great way to avoid additional calories is to choose your cocktails with care. Those with fruit juices, sugar syrup and cream can be up to 3 times higher in calories than regular drinks.

9. Be realistic about your numbers, understand how much exercise is needed for the amount of calories you could be consuming. Walking 6 times around the promenade deck of the QM2 is 2 miles and will take about 30 minutes. This will burn the equivalent calories of 1 croissant (without jam) which takes about 3 minutes to eat.

10. Visit the gym each day, it's a great way to vary your exercise and meet new people. If you are on late dinner a good time to go is around 5pm, this avoids the late afternoon dip when snacking temptation or early drinking can start.

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