Saturday, 16 August 2014

Exploring Chester Basin

It wasn't until we read Marpessa2's blog we realised that not far from our doorstep there is a buzz of activity on the canal in Chester. So inspired by Emma and Nick, we headed out yesterday to explore Chester Basin.

As newbies, it looked a bit daunting trying to figure out how it all works. As Paul pointed out, how do you know if your 60ft boat is going to fit into that vacant mooring space between 2 boats? I imagine we'll have hours of entertainment with our novice faux pas. The Basin is located only a 1/4 of a mile from the city centre, so we walked along the tow path into town. Right outside of the basin is this staircase lock. 

When we arrived it was a hive of activity with 2 boats going uphill, while 2 boats were waiting at the top to come down. Crew from both boats in full action while I stood staring aghast at the biggest gate and deepest lock I've ever seen.

Paul wondered if our 50ft centre rope would be long enough.

I got terrible vertigo just taking the pictures, I need to toughen up before Melissa arrives. We continued into town for a wander around. It wasn't long before we came across one of our favourite kitchen shops, we couldn't resist popping in just in case we needed something else for the boat.

A triumphant outcome as Paul found the perfect wine glasses, an essential item of course at a bargain price.

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