Friday, 25 July 2014

Visit to Birmingham and Shopping Paralysis

We decided to take a train trip to Birmingham on Wednesday to get a few things for the boat, as you can see below, we are accumulating rather a lot. A train trip for us first involves a car trip followed by a train fare that costs roughly as much as travelling there by car but takes twice as long.

We have another similar pile in the under stairs cupboard

The thing is, we are not very good at shopping in shops. What generally happens is that because we can actually touch things and look at them close-up, we become far more discerning than when we are viewing things on-line, so we reject most things and decide to continue looking.

If we had bought the item on-line we would not have sent it back, instead admiring its quality and congratulating ourselves on our purchasing prowess. We do return things in extreme cases such as a coffee machine we returned this week because it seemed to be made from Bacofoil.

Even if we do find something we like we decide not to buy it on the basis that we might find it cheaper on-line. For instance, we want some glasses for whisky but most are too big, I blame the Americans for this because they can't have a drink without twenty cubes of ice, the result is that if you don't want ice then a quadruple whisky barely covers the bottom of the glass which in any case weighs about half a kilo.

We found some in House of Fraser at half the price we were willing to pay but thought we might be able to do better, that evening we purchased the glasses on-line from House of Fraser and they arrived today.

The net result of the ten hour trip was zero purchases, (other than cups of coffee, cups of tea and lunch) but we did have a wander round the canal and the very impressive library. We'll think twice before another shopping trip...

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