Saturday, 26 July 2014

Introducing the First Mate

This is Millie, she's a a seven year old miniature Goldendoodle, that's a standard poodle crossed with a Golden Retriever the result of which is crossed with a toy poodle (artificial insemination as opposed to step ladder) hey presto a miniature Goldendoodle is produced.

Millie in one of her favourite spots
Millie is American, although she does not insist on large quantities of ice in her drinks. We bought Millie when we were living in Minneapolis and brought her back, with considerable stress and expense, in 2011. She's a great character, unfortunately she has the legs of an old lady, several operations have got her to the point where she is happy but can't walk more than 20 minutes or so without problems. We are seriously considering buying her a doggy pushchair, this is a normal pushchair crossed with a dog basket the result of which is crossed with a shopping trolley.

On the subject of America, this link will take you to an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune which describes a journey on the Llangollen Canal, I think it's rather well written in the circumstances. We live about a mile from the Montgomery  canal, so it's describing our part of the world, it's also useful for explaining narrowboating to our American friends.


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